Bringing super-fast broadband to Strathnairn

Telephone Services

Wireless broadband services don’t require a phone line to operate. If you have a good mobile phone reception, you may wish to cancel your land-line completely – this could save you £20/month or more.

If however your mobile coverage is poor, or you simply wish to retain your existing phone line and number, we have you covered.

4 great reasons to bundle your phone line and broadband with us:

1) Huge cost savings – up to 50% cheaper than major operators like BT.
2) Locally based helpdesk – no more calls to offshore call centres!
3) No change to your existing phone number or services.
4) No loss of service – the change-over to us is seamless.

Service Price
Standard Line Rental £14.40/month
Premium Line Rental* £17.40/month
Caller Display £1.20/month
1571 £1.20/month
Call Connection £0
UK Land-line Calls 1.2p per minute
UK Mobile Calls 2.4p per minute

To take advantage of this great offer, simply e-mail or call 0333 370 4444 and tell us your current telephone number and installation address. We will check your current service, then e-mail you back confirm the pricing and saving you could make.